Drinking Green Tea and Weight Loss

Drinking green teaDrinking green tea and weight loss, does it help you lose weight? Well believe it or not, it does. In many of today’s weight loss supplements green tea (or more importantly, green tea extract) is being used. So why are fat burning supplement makes so eager to get their hands on green tea for their weight loss products? Here’s why…

  1. The most important thing that makes green tea extract good for weight loss products is that it replaces the need for caffeine (ephedrine – caffeine – salicin). This makes green tea a very good fat burner.
  2. Green tea regulates blood sugar levels after meals. Your stomach uses a specific digestive enzyme called “amylase” to break down your food after a meal. This enzyme is mostly responsible for breaking down starchy foods like potatoes. When amylase breaks down food is causes your blood sugar levels to rise dramatically. Green tea aids in regulating these levels.
  3. Green tea is a very powerful anti-oxidant. It is much more powerful (up to 200 times) than other anti-oxidants llike vitamin C and E.
  4. Drinking green tea also aids weight loss by increasing your metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate is that rate at which your body processes food. If you have a higher metabolic rate your body burns food faster and uses more calories doing so. Increasing your metabolic rate is an essential part of weight loss.

Pouring a cup of green teaThe most important points you need to focus on are points 1 and 4. It’s these benefits of drinking green tea that will have the most effects on your weight loss efforts. Recent studies of drinking green tea and weight loss have revealed that drinking green tea after meals, 2-3 times per day resulted in an increased metabolism in most adults.

Depending on the weight of the individual, drinking green tea was found to burn up to 78 extra calories and increase the metabolism by 3-5%. The studies also found that be best time to drink green tea is either after a meal or before exercise.

So drinking green tea and weight loss, does it help? Yes. Is green tea a magical silver bullet for losing weight? No. Drinking green tea should be part of a multi-faceted approach to losing weight. To assist in your weight loss efforts I definately recommend you drink green tea regularly or use a supplement containing green tea extract.

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