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Hoodia facts page. There are a lot of myths and hype surrounding hoodia so we’re going to lay out the hoodia facts. Hoodia is a very powerful product that’s expensive and rare. There are many products that claim to be pure hoodia but are just fakes and will not help you lose weight. That’s why it’s important to know the hoodia facts.

Hoodia facts:

  1. Pure hoodia is 100% natural and drug free. Hoodia is extracted from the hoodia gordonii cactus at the right time of maturity. This is pure hoodia extract.
  2. Hoodia does not have any side effects on the body. Some myths are that hoodia causes headaches, craps and stomach pains. these myths are not true.
  3. There are a total of 13 different species of hoodia found in Southern Africa. BUT, only 1 species can be used as an appetite suppressant – hoodia gordonii.
  4. Hoodia works by sending messages to the brain telling it that the stomach is full. This effects your calorie intake and energy levels. This is why you can lose weight with hoodia.
  5. Hoodia gordonii is the most powerful natural appetits suppressant.
  6. In all clinical studies undertaken into hoodia gordonii human subjects were about to comfortably decrease their daily calorie intake by at least 200 calories.
  7. Laboratory tests showed that when hoodia was given to animals they limited their food intake.
  8. Hoodia is Caffeine, Ephedra and Stimulant free.

Well, those are the hoodia facts. If you are thinking about trying hoodia gordonii make sure you are buying the real product and not a fake. Hoodia can help you with weight loss, but you will get the best results when you combine hoodia with a strict diet and regular exercise.

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