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hoodia gordonii cactusHoodia gordonii cactus information page. In this page I’m going to explain what hoodia gordonii cactus is, how it works and how it can help you lose weight.

There has been a lot of media hype surrounding hoodia gordonii cactus so it’s important that you know the facts. Hoodia gordonii cactus has been featured on shows like 60 mintues and Oprah as a miracle treatment for weight loss, but is it? Let’s explore facts about hoodia gordonii cactus.

What is it?

Hoodia gordonii cactus is not actually a cactus, it’s a milkweed that grows in Botswana and the Kalahari Desert in Southwestern Africa. Hoodia was first introduced to the USA in early 2004 as a weight loss supplement.

How does it help with weight loss?

The South Africa San tribe have been using hoodia gordonii cactus on hunting trips for thousands of years. Hoodia works as an appetite suppressant, so the San tribe would chew it to allow them to hunt longer without getting hungry or tired.

Modern science has now shed some light on how hoodia gordonii cactus works. Basically, hoodia sends signals to the brain telling it that the stomach is full. These signals are believed to be thousands of times stronger that the same types of signals sent by sugar to the brain.

It’s these appetite suppressing powers that make hoodia gordonii cactus a very powerful tool for weight loss. You can now find hoodia in many over the counter weight loss products and pills.

Does it work?

Scientists have been studying hoodia gordonii cactus since the mid 1960’s. The first official human trials were conducted in the early 1990’s. In the most recent studies on humans in the USA found that 92% of people that took the hoodia supplement lost more weight, had increased energy levels and less cravings. This study was conducted with 50% male and 50% female subjects of mixed body types, weights and ages.

Long term studies of hoodia gordonii cactus have not yet been undertaken. Scientists believe that beacuse hoodia is a 100% natural product that there will be little if no long term side effects on the body.

Real hoodia vs fake hoodia.

Hoodia gordonii cactus is actually quite rare and hard to get in large quantities because it only grows in Southern Africa, there are only small number of hoodia plants and there is a huge demand for it in the USA. So buyer beware of fake products. When you select your Hoodia product, choose one that has no Ephedra, no Ma Huang, and no Ephedrine. These are fakes. You can buy real hoodia gordonii cactus extract here.


Hoodia gordonii has helped many people with weight loss, both in the USA and around the world. But it is not the magical weight loss solution some people are looking for. You will get the best results with hoodia if you use it in conjunction will a strict diet and regular exercise.

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