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19th 2006f July, 2006

Weight Loss Tip Posted by: Admin at 9:18 am

Don’t weight yourself too often. Use a tape measure and the fit of your clothes to monitor weight loss. Take regular measurements of your arms, thighs, waist, hips etc. Your bodyweight fluctuates throughout the day. You weigh more at night time than you do on the morning. If you weigh yourself too often you may get disappointed when you see slight weight gains.

10th 2006f July, 2006

Weight Loss Tip Posted by: Admin at 6:55 am

Walking is one of the best ways you can burn calories. You should aim to walk as much as you can in everyday life. I recommend you get a pedometer. Using a pedometer you can easily monitor your daily activity. You can also use a pedometer to work out how many calories you are burning in everyday walking. You will be surprised at how the small distances you walk throughout the day build up!

6th 2006f July, 2006

Weight Loss Tip Posted by: Admin at 6:04 am

Refined pasta is as bad as everyone says it is. When I say refined pasta I mean white pasta. White pasta (like white bread) is usually heavily refined and will bring your weight loss plans to an abrupt hault. Now I’m not saying you should give up pasta alltogether, just choose your pasta wisely.

I suggest you switch to wheat based pasta’s like Barilla. Barilla pasta is packed with fibre and protein. The taste and texture is different to regular pasta which some people may not like. My sugguestion, give it a try!