Tip 11: Set Short Term & Long Term Goals

What’s the hardest part of trying to lose weight? Exercising? Dieting? For most people it’s staying motivated. Getting up out of bed to hit the gym and work hard, preparing lean meals and making sacrifices – it all takes a lot of motivation on your part.

I good way to keep yourself motivated to lose weight is to set yourself small short term goals and a few long term goals. You should set yourself a goal every 1-2 weeks. Make the goal achievable, but not too easy! And don’t always stick to weight goals either. For example you might want to run 5km by next Friday, be able to do 15 situps, or be able to do that hiking trek…you get the picture.

Long term goals can often seem to far away, if you set small goals and meet these goals you will be much more motivated to keep on getting fit and losing more weight.

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