Understanding an Effective Program to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Many train hard daily and are committed to their workout routines to be physically fit and obtain their desired physique. While training and cardio are critical to reach the goal, a cardio only program may not be sufficient if you intend to lose fat and gain muscle.

The workout should be coupled with the right diet and self-discipline because even though you train intensely for an hour or two daily, that can still leave you with the remaining hours of the day to mess-up your workout by eating the wrong food in the wrong quantities. Diet plays a major role in losing unwanted fat.

According to experts, nutrition is the determinant of success or failure of any fitness plan. Diet must be 65-percent of the program in order to get in shape. Countless people are able to achieve their best body and even win bodybuilding competitions by simply following the system correctly.

The basic principle of a good diet is being strict. This is what is needed to succeed and there is no other way around to fulfill the diet program. The purpose is to eat clean and a diet should be composed of clean, fresh foods that are unprocessed as much as possible. Follow these principles so you will get rid of fat faster.

  • Consume at least one gram of protein for every pound of your body weight every day. If the protein intake is very low on a diet, the tendency is to lose muscle on top of any other fat that you may be shedding. An intake of high protein helps in preserving lean mass during the diet phase. The trick is to choose lean, high quality proteins such as lean red meat, poultry, egg whites and the best whey protein powder and supplements.

  • Your diet should contain around 220 to 250 grams of protein each day, which is great for a man that weighs 200 to 250 pounds. Adding protein is only necessary if the concerned individual weighs more than 250 pounds or if hungry and there is a need for additional food during the day. A quick fix protein shake is recommended as additional food. A person under 180 pounds must cut out three ounces of chicken or meat daily from the diet. 

  • It is essential to keep carbohydrates low or moderate if you intend to lose weight. During a low day, one must have close to hundred grams of carbs and in a moderate day around 150 grams. It is preferred to rotate the low and moderate carbohydrates so as to keep the energy high as well as provide a change of pace. The good, fiber-rich carbs include potatoes, whole grain bread, oats and rice.

A final word of advice is that you should try use the best bodybuilding supplements to help you lose weight and gain muscle faster.

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